A Culinary Voyage Through Time: Gaig Restaurant Singapore Unveils Unique Menu inspired by Medieval Catalan “Sent Soví” Cookbook

A Culinary Voyage Through Time: Gaig Restaurant Singapore Unveils Unique Menu inspired by Medieval Catalan “Sent Soví” Cookbook

Gaig Restaurant Singapore, renowned for its dedication to preserving Catalan culture and culinary tradition, is set to transport diners on a historical gastronomic journey. The restaurant will introduce a special 6-course menu featuring the oldest known recipes from Catalan cuisine, as documented in the historic “Sent Soví” cookbook, the oldest surviving culinary text in Catalan.

This unique culinary experience will be curated and executed by Gaig Restaurant Singapore’s Executive Chef, Martí Carlos Martinez in collaboration with Michelin Star Chef Carles Gaig, the Alma Mater of Gaig Restaurants. This unique culinary journey will be unveiled on the 24th and 25th of October 2023 during the dinner service only.

The ingredients featured in this exclusive menu are primarily of Spanish origin, thanks to the support of ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) and dedicated local suppliers. The event is organized in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Singapore and SCWC (Science and Cooking World Congress), aligning with the mission to promote Spanish culinary heritage globally.

Medieval Menu

Based on Sent Soví book from 1324

Liquat d’enciam

Lettuce, pork belly, goat milk and almond milk warm soup

Our interpretation of recipe 50 from the Sent Soví book, “Lletugat”

Bunyols de Formatge

Cheese Puffs

Home-made soft goat cheese deep-fried in ultra-light siphoned dough with Organic Honey & Hazelnuts

Our interpretation of recipe 44 from the Sent Soví book, “Llesques de formatge”


Varat amb Salsa Sols i porros escalivats

Spanish Mackerel lightly cooked in fish broth with “Sols” Sauce (rich fish broth reduction with spices)

and oven-cooked leeks

Our interpretation of recipe 21 from the Sent Soví book, “Salsa Sols” and

recipe 216 from the book of “Totes Maneres de Potatge


Calamarcets farcits amb salsa verda

Stuffed Baby Squid and Green Sauce

Sautéed baby squids stuffed with its own tentacles and spices with Green Parsley & Mint Sauce

with nuts and spices

Our interpretation of recipe 57 from the Sent Soví book, “A farcir Polp”and

recipe 20 from the Sent Soví book, “Salsa Verda”


Cebes farcides de pintada

Guinea Fowl Stuffed Onion

Oven-baked tender Onions stuffed with pan-seared shredded guinea fowl with sautéed vegetables and bathed in the rich broth

Our interpretation of recipe 47 from the Sent Soví book, “Panades d’aucells”



Almond & Rice Custard

made with home-made almond milk infused with saffron, cloves, and cinnamon;

topped with raisins & pine nuts

Our interpretation of recipe 26 from the Sent Soví book, “Genestada”


Petit fours


S$118 per person


Wine pairing for each dish is available upon request @ S$38 per person


All prices are subject to GST & Service Charge