SINCE 1869

Authentic Catalan Cuisine crafted with passion & dedication by 5 generations of Gaig Family

For over 150 years and five generations, Gaig family in Barcelona has held a prestigious position in Spain’s culinary landscape, making a significant impact on Catalan cuisine.

Our journey began in 1869 when the first generation of Gaig chefs and restaurateurs established our culinary presence in Barcelona – Taberna d’en Gaig. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to preserving and showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Catalonia, passing down our culinary expertise from one generation to the next, and creating a legacy of culinary excellence.

Antonia Borras Gaig Restaurant
Antonia Borràs & Andreu Gaig

1st generation, founders

1869 – 1940

Frederic Gaig I Borras Gaig Restaurant
Frederic Gaig & Carolina Folguera

2nd generation

1907 – 1940

Maria Framis Gaig Restaurant
Josep Gaig & Maria Framis

3rd generation

1941 – 1974

Chef Carles Gaig Takes Over Petit Comite
Carles Gaig & Fina Navarro

4th generation

1975 – present

Nuria Gibert Gaig Restaurant Singapore
Nuria Gibert

5th generation

2006 – present

Marc Madina Gibert
Marc Madina Gibert

6th generation




Carrying the torch of this esteemed legacy is Chef Carles Gaig, the current patriarch and the 4th generation in our family, together with his wife, Fina Navarro, and daughter, Nuria Gibert.

Growing up surrounded by the aromas and techniques that define Catalan cuisine, Carles developed a deep appreciation for the region’s culinary traditions. In 1989, he took a bold step by transforming our century-old restaurant, Taberna de’n Gaig, into Restaurant Gaig, marking a significant turning point in our family’s culinary evolution. This transformation earned him a coveted Michelin Star in 1993, solidifying his reputation as a culinary maestro.

Chef Carles has continuously been awarded for his culinary trajectory by Spain’s coveted institutions. Among many, he received National Award for Best Chef from the Real Academia de Gastronomia (1999),  Preservation of Catalan Cultural Heritage award from Los Premios Nadal de Gastronomia (2008), Liftetime Career recognition from the Academia Catalana de Gastronomia (2013).


Gaig Restaurants

From 1869 until the present times

Taberna d'en Gaig

est. 1869 | Barcelona

The first Gaig family restaurant, established by the first generation of the family and continued until the fourth generation

Restaurant Gaig

est. 1975 | Barcelona

Chef Carles Gaig changed the over century-old Taberna d’en Gaig to Restaurant Gaig


Michelin Star since 1993

2004: Best Restaurant of the Year by the Academia Catalana de Gastronomia

Fonda Gaig

est. 2008 | Barcelona

Chef Carles Gaig & Fina Navarro open a new family concept.

Porta Gaig

est. 2008 | Barcelona

Chef Carles Gaig & Fina Navarro opened a new restaurant at the Barcelona International Airport, designed by Ricardo Bofill


“Best Airport Restaurant Around the World” by

La Ventana Restaurant by Gaig

est. 2015 | Singapore

Gaig family ventured internationally, La Ventana Restaurant in Singapore was the first international consultancy project.

Gaig Restaurant Singapore

est. 2017 | Singapore

Gaig family decided to open their own international outpost.

Gaig a Casa

est. 2017 | Barcelona

Gaig family unveiled Gaig a Casa, a unique concept offering take-away options, lunchtime tastings, and private events featuring live show cooking.

Gaig Restaurant Barcelona

est. 2019 | Barcelona

Gaig a Casa expanded to Gaig Restaurant in Sarrià.

Petit Comitè Barcelona by Gaig

2021 | Barcelona

Carles Gaig took over the helm at Petit Comité, a beloved Catalan restaurant in the heart of the Eixample district in Barcelona.


1 Sol by Guia Repsol



Carles Gaig is renowned for his gastronomic creations rooted in the rich culinary traditions of Catalonia. His heritage recipes, passed down through generations, form the foundation of his culinary excellence. With a passion for preserving authentic flavors and a focus on locally sourced ingredients, Carles Gaig elevates classic Catalan dishes to new heights.

These heritage recipes, alongside other time-honored culinary techniques, have become iconic and cherished by food enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Catalonia.

Gaig Traditional Canelon Gaig Restaurant Singapore 2


Among the culinary treasures found at all Gaig restaurants, the traditional cannelloni stands as a true signature dish. A comforting delight, this 150-year-old recipe was lovingly passed down by Carles’s mother and great-grandmother, and first served at Taberna d’en Gaig in 1869. Wrapped in fresh homemade pasta sheets, the roasted beef and pork are served with a luscious truffled cream sauce. It remains a year-round favorite on all Gaig menus, captivating diners with its exquisite flavors.

Pigeon And Porcini Mushroom Rice Gaig Restaurant Singapore 2


Another beloved classic from the Gaig Family is Gaig’s Pigeon Rice, dating back to 1869. Celebrating the essence of Catalonia, this dish showcases the succulent meat of pigeon, a regional game bird. The rice is cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorful broth infused with the essence of the pigeon, resulting in a deeply aromatic and delightful creation. It appears on the menu of all Gaig restaurants, be it in Barcelona or abroad, and continues to be one of the best-sellers.

Bomba De La Barceloneta Gaig Restaurant Singapore R

& Many others

From generation to generation, the Gaig family honed their craft, preserving cherished heritage recipes that have been handed down through the years. With each new family member, the culinary expertise was refined, enriched, and passed on, ensuring the continuation of their gastronomic heritage. We believe in the magic of seasonal ingredients, so every time of the year our menus adapt to what nature has to offer and we showcase their gastronomic value with our carefully crafted recipes.


Opening of the 1st Gaig Restaurant: Taberna d'en Gaig

Andreu Gaig i Torelló and Antonia Borràs, Chef Carles great-grandparents, open Taberna d'en Gaig in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona, laying the foundation for their culinary legacy.


Frederic Gaig takes over Taberna d'en Gaig

In 1907, Andreu Gaig passed away. His son, Frederic Gaig i Borràs, took the reins. Alongside his widowed mother, Frederic infused new energy into the establishment. He expanded the premises, acquiring more land, and the Hostal Can Gaig was born.


Antònia Borràs i Marí passed away

In 1940, at the remarkable age of 86, Antònia Borràs i Marí, the founder of Taberna d'en Gaig, passed away.


Josep Gaig & Maria Framis take over Taberna d'en Gaig

After the Spanish Civil War (1936-9), Frederic’s son, Josep Gaig i Folguera, married to Maria Framis i Gibert, give a new push to the restaurant, with the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his ancestors


Taberna d'en Gaig flourishes

Extension works are carried out, kitchen service is organized and guest rooms are maintained, thus opening a new stage in accordance with the new system of life of the country that is resurfacing from a nightmare.


Carles Gaig takes over Taberna d'en Gaig

Buoyed by the memory of his ancestors and with the strength of his youth, the restaurant experienced the most important boost of its century-long trajectory.


Taberna de'n Gaig becomes Restaurant Gaig


Michelin Star

Restaurant Gaig is awarded a Michelin Star and will maintain it for almost 30 years.


Best Chef Award

Carles Gaig receives National Award for Best Chef from the Real Academia de Gastronomia


Best Restaurant of the Year

Best Restaurant of the Year by the Academia Catalana de Gastronomia. Restaurant Gaig moves to Hotel Cram


La Cupula Restaurant

Chef Carles starts the advisory for La Cupula Restaurant at Atlantis Bahia Real (Fuerteventura)


Fina Navarro: Best Dressed Table Award

Fina Navarro receives the Best Dressed Table award from Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia at the San Sebastian Gastronomic Conference


Culinary Institute of America

Chef Carles teaches at the Culinary Institute of America


World Gourmet Summit Singapore

Chef Carles presents at the World Gourmet Summit Singapore


Fonda Gaig opens

Fonda Gaig opens in Barcelona


Carles Gaig: Preservation of Catalan Cultural Heritage Award

Preservation of Catalan Cultural Heritage award from Los Premios Nadal de Gastronomia


Porta Gaig opens

Porta Gaig at the Barcelona international airport opens


Best Airport Restaurant Around the World

Porta Gaig at the Barcelona international airport is awarded "Best Airport Restaurant Around the World" by


Chef Carles teaches at Harvard

Chef Carles teaches at Harvard (Culinary & Science programme)


Gaig & Fonda Gaig merger

Merging of Gaig and Fonda Gaig to Restaurant Gaig


Carles Gaig: career trajectory recognition

Carles Gaig receives recognition from the Academia Catalana de Gastronomia for his career trajectory


La Ventana Restaurant opens

La Ventana Restaurant in Singapore opens, advisory


"Gaig a casa" launch

Gaig a Casa is launched, a unique food takeaway and delivery concept


Gaig Restaurant Singapore opens

Gaig Restaurant Singapore, led by the 5th generation of our family, Nuria Gibert, and Chef Martí Carlos Martínez, opens.


Barcelona International Airport

Barcelona Airport F&B advisory by Carles Gaig starts


Petit Comité Barcelona

Chef Carles takes over Petit Comité in Barcelona