Celebrate with us the last dinner of 2023

Chef Marti has designed a 7-course menu to say goodbye to 2023 and welcome with open arms 2024. It starts with 2 appetizers, a cheese puff with hazelnut and honey and a prawn tartare with avocado. It follows with ajoblanco, a cold soup from the south of Spain, Malaga and smoked eel from Delta de L’Ebre.

The next one does not need presentation, it is our star dish, our famous traditional cannelloni. It is made with fresh pasta stuffed with slow-roasted beef, pork and duck foie gras, covered with a truffle sauce.

From Basque country we have some hake fillet with a sauce made of Piparras and we finish with a rich and tasty oxtail creamy rice.

For the sweet tooths we have some white chocolate mousse, toffee and hazelnut to finish the meal.

As our tradition requests, we will give the twelve grapes of luck to enjoy with your friends. The Twelve Grapes is a Spanish tradition that consists of eating a grape with each of the twelve clock bell strikes at midnight of December 31 to welcome the New Year. Each grape and clock bell strike represents each of the coming twelve months.